First-rate Formulations to Address Gastroenterology

Cadila specializes in providing time-tested therapeutic solutions that cover the vast spectrum of sub-specialties of gastroenterology. Our wide portfolio of drugs is designed to build gut health and provide superior relief.

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Acid Peptic Disorders (APD)

Cadila has a solid presence in the APD segment with various classes of drugs such as Antacids, D2 Receptor Blockers, Proton Pump Inhibitors and Histamine 2 Receptor Blockers. We are the first in the world to launch a novel intravenous formulation of Rabeprazole in the market, Rabeloc IV. Rabeloc IV is an intravenous Proton Pumps Inhibitor (PPI) which rapidly reduces gastric acid production and intragastric pH and is used during upper gastrointestinal bleeding. It has also been used to manage various conditions like severe refractory gastro-oesophagus reflux disease, stress-induced mucosal injury, acute upper non-variceal bleed, upper gastrointestinal bleeding. Other well-known brands of Cadila in the APD segment are Aciloc (Ranitidine), Aciloc S (Magaldrate + Simethicone + Oxetacaine), Aciloc RD (Omeprazole + Domperidone), Rabeloc (Rabeprazole), Rabeloc Plus (Rabeprazole + Levosulpiride), Rabeloc RD (Rabeprazole + Domperidone) and Rithem (Levosulpiride).

Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD)

Cadila provides several drugs for the treatment of IBD such as Mosart OD and Granules (Mesalazine), LMX Forte (Amoxycillin + Clavulanic Acid), Faxicad (Rifaximin), Trigan D (Dicyclomine), Valdone (Curcumin), Cadbios (Pre-probiotics) and Cadbios Forte.

Irritable Bowel Diseases (IBS)

Our core drugs for treating IBS include O Duo (Ofloxacin-Ornidazole) and Cibis (Dicyclomine + Clidinium bromide + Chlordiazepoxide).


Cadila offers a wide range of drugs for treating constipation. They include Cadilose Enema (Lactulose), Cadilose Green (Lactitol + Ispaghula), Pegwash (Polyethylene Glycol), Pegmini (Powder for Oral Solution) and Laxia (Liquid Paraffin).

Fatty Liver Disease

Cadila offers ursodeoxycholic acid (Ursocad), statins (Caditor, Rosuflo, Rosuflo F and Rosmi) and antioxidants (Cadihep) for the treatment of fatty liver disease.