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indravadan modi

True celebration of research lies as much in inventions as in making the medicine affordable to the last man in the society

Indravadan Modi (1926 - 2012)

This towering vision of our founder Indravadan Modi which he spelled out in the year 1951 was the genesis of brand Cadila. Born in a small village, Hansot of Bharuch district in South Gujarat on February 18, 1926, during his life, he left a lasting impact on the Indian pharmaceuticals industry.

In 1951, he established Cadila to offer cost-effective drugs that eventually changed the dynamics of the healthcare industry, in a country that was earlier wholly dependent on costly imported medicines. I. A. Modi is credited with the development of innovative and effective therapies for the prevention of heart diseases, the incidence of which is on a sharp rise among young Indians, and tuberculosis, which is also endemic to India. A nationalist at heart, I.A. Modi was determined from the onset of this mission that the price of both these medicines must be pegged low to make them accessible to the average Indian.

I.A. Modi played a pivotal role in the passage of the Indian Patents Act, 1970, and later in shaping the 1986 Drug Policy of the Government of India.

Under his stewardship, Cadila crossed several milestones in offering innovative, ‘firsts in the world’ formulations to the world, including Rabeprazole in intravenous form. Today his legacy lives on in our hearts.

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