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Walking the Extra Mile for You

Ready for a CRO that values performance over promises? We accept the challenge

Cadila has its own Contract Research Operation (CRO) business unit at Dholka in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The CRO offers a series of pre-clinical and clinical trials for drug development that cover over 45 therapeutic categories, namely cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, analgesics, haematinics, anti-infectives, antibiotics, respiratory, anti-diabetics, and immunologicals. It is a one-stop destination for managing all contract research activities, ranging from pre-clinical, BA-BE to Phase II to Phase IV trials.

Our CRO is a Center of Excellence (CoE) where we accelerate our clients’ drug development process with our in-house talent and world-class resources. Till date, we have conducted over 1000 pre-clinical studies, 390 BA-BE studies and 28 clinical trials.

Collaborate with us

When you partner with Cadila, you immediately gain competitive advantage over other CROs in terms of increased patient enrolment, retention and compliance with the laid-down law and procedures.

By choosing to employ our Clinical Research service in your next Request For Proposal (RFP), you will gain instant access to operational efficiencies and quality benchmarks that you would not have subscribed to before. Our years of expertise in this area will effectively complement your outsourced vendor framework. The outcome would be on-time, within-budget delivery.

  • Significant patient enrolment
  • Assurance of maximum patient comfort, safety, satisfaction, and convenience
  • Access to a heterogeneous, widely diverse, genetic pool of subjects
  • Access to enhanced geographic reach of sites
  • Assurance of full compliance with protocol requirements
  • Complete, accurate, timely and compliant documentation
  • A single contract, meaning consolidated monthly invoices
  • Seamless integration into the study execution