Drug Counterfeiting

Drug counterfeiting is a serious offence worldwide and claims many lives every year while jeopardizing the lives of others. Today, counterfeiters are increasingly employing deceitful tactics to lure people with cheaper, but fatal drugs. Typically, counterfeiting today employs many mechanisms viz. absence of active ingredient, low levels of active ingredient, replacing safe drugs with poor-quality drugs and wrong packaging.

As a responsible corporate house, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited has started a drive against infringement or counterfeiting of its products. In this journey, we urge you all to join and support us by reporting any type of counterfeiting of any of our products. You can mail us at website@cadilapharma.co.in or call us on +91 – 2718 – 225001 and provide the details of the product as mentioned below.

  • Product Name
  • Batch number of the product
  • Location where such an issue found
  • Address and details of the Retailers and Wholesalers
  • Indications that product has been counterfeited

Please mail picture/document facility and provide your contact details.