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Cadila Pharma Distributes Essential Kits to 400 Families

17th Apr, 2020 | News
Cadila Pharma Distributes Essential Kits to 400 Families

Ahmedabad: Pharma major Cadila Pharmaceuticals distributed essential kits among 400 families around Bhat Corporate Office, who have been hit by the ongoing lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak, through its charitable arm KakaBa Charitable Trust.

The team distributed 400 kits to underprivileged families dwelling in surrounding region of Cadila Corporate Campus, Bhat and CPL Plant, Dholka which includes Bhat, Rampura, Trasad, Butbhawani, Kharakua villages, colony outside Dholka plant and contractual labors. Each kit consist 15 basic house hold commodities i.e. wheat flour, rice, Mung Dal, Toor Dal, sugar, tea powder, turmeric, chili powder, Jira, cottonseed oil, mustard, salt, soap, potatoes and onion to help the affected families sustain during the lockdown.

“The initiative was carried out in two phases. The Cadila employees also contributed to this initiative by contributing to help these items reach more such families” said Mr. B. V. Suresh, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Cadila Pharmaceuticals.

Before the distribution, the hardest hit families were identified in these localities. These families included elderly citizens living alone, widows, migrants, and families below the poverty line.

Recently, the trust had also undertaken distribution of face masks and hand sanitizers among police personnel in Dholka in a bid to help them safeguard themselves from the Coronavirus.

In addition to this, Kaka-Ba hospital has taken many steps to protect the community of Hansot against COVID-19. They are creating awareness amongst the staff and the villages about the importance of social distancing and staying indoors. The hospital has also created a quarantine facility of 20 beds and has extended their services to the govt. to help them in the fight against the virus. This facility is regularly sanitized and the staff has been trained to take appropriate action for any COVID-19 affected patient. Apart from regular training and awareness campaigns, the hospital has procured PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) which includes masks, gloves, shoe covers, aprons etc. for all the staff.

“Kaka-Ba hospital is ready with its quarantine centre and if the need arise, we can provide our facility to the government. We are regularly training our staff members on how to handle any COVID-19 patient, if they come, and what are precautions they should follow. Since we are in a rural area, we are functioning but only to assist to emergency cases and have advised all our patients to stay at home, and not come to the hospital until it is urgent” Dr Bharat Champaneria, Chief Coordinator and Superintendent, Kaka-Ba Hospital said.

Cadila has always been active in its CSR initiatives. Kaka-Ba hospital has been conducting multiple free health check-up camps for the people who can’t afford. The patients who require medical attention are then taken to the Kaka-Ba hospital near Ankleshwar where their procedures are done for minimal costs. The CSR team also organized a self-help group amongst the women of Bhat to help them make a livelihood for themselves through embroidery techniques.