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Educate and Empower: Cadila Pharma Celebrates Women’s Day with over 150 girls from Bhat and Trasad village

7th Mar, 2020 | News
Educate and Empower: Cadila Pharma Celebrates Women’s Day with over 150 girls from Bhat and Trasad village

Ahmedabad, March 5: Ahead of women’s day on March 8, Cadila Pharma celebrated women’s day with the students of Bhat and Trasad village by talking to them about the importance of skill development and education in a girl’s life so that they can lead an independent life.

In association with govt. schools in Bhat and Trasad, Cadila Pharma organized a speaker’s session by inviting women leaders of Cadila, Ms. Smita Holey – AVP (International Business), Ms. Sangeeta Thaker – AVP (International Business) and Dr Nomita Bhandari – VP (Contract Research Operation), to talk to the students about their journey and challenges faced in their lives. They also talked about the importance of education, how pursuing a career can help them become capable of facing any challenges that life may throw at them and how education can be a channel for them to contribute to the society.

“It was a privilege for me to talk to these young minds and have an opportunity to shape their minds. While I saw a lot of dreams and hopes in their eyes, there was also unawareness. Hence I talked about my life journey and the challenges I faced so that even if one girl can find any inspiration from my story, it can help them achieve their dreams” Dr Bhandari shared.

“I hail from Gujarat and while talking to these girls, I was taken back to my childhood. The only message I wanted to give these girls was to have courage. When you have courage you can fight for your rights and achieve all your dreams” Sangeeta said.

Smita asked the students to dream big, “I wanted to inspire them with my story. Coming from a small family, with hard work and dedication, I was able to live my dreams and travel the world. If you set your mind to it, you can do anything. This was the only message I wanted to share with the students.”

The session was attended by over 150 girl students and women from skill development work groups in both Trasad and Bhat School. The session also included women from Bhat village who are currently involved in skill development program organized by Cadila Pharmaceuticals. The sessions were appreciated by all filling them with a sense of belonging and community.

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