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Haryana Resident Defeats Chronic Anaemia to Fulfil her Dream of Motherhood

12th Aug, 2021
Haryana Resident Defeats Chronic Anaemia to Fulfil her Dream of Motherhood

As 34-year old Sonal Kumar’s baby coos and smiles at its mother, she lovingly picks up her baby from his crib and gently caresses his soft skin. Sonal has never looked or felt happier becoming a mother was something Sonal, a resident of Kaithal-Haryana, always dreamed about. She wanted to carry a new life inside her womb and give birth to a healthy, happy baby. However, Sonal faced certain challenges before her dream came true.

The road to one’s dreams is not always smooth

For a while, Sonal had been experiencing fatigue, weakness, poor attentiveness, and pale skin. She communicated these concerns to her doctor during a health check-up and expressed that she and her husband were thinking of becoming parents.

After undergoing pre-pregnancy tests, Sonal learned that she had low HB (haemoglobin) levels of 6 gm/dl and severe anaemia – unfortunately, a condition highly common amongst Indian women.

According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5) data released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India has the highest prevalence of anaemia at 39.86 per cent in the world. The data also suggests that over half of the children and women are anaemic in 13 of the 22 states/UTs in the country. It is common in women due to menstrual iron losses and the high iron demands of a growing foetus in a pregnancy. Anaemia is the result of iron deficiency and vitamin B12-deficiency stemming from a poor diet.

As optimal haemoglobin levels are key to a safe pregnancy, delivery, and the baby’s growth, the doctor advised Sonal to take iron supplements with a healthy diet to augment her Hb levels and treat her anaemia. To Sonal’s dismay, she began experiencing GI (gastro-intestinal) discomfort after taking the iron medication. Her situation further worsened when she started stressing about what lay ahead.

Instead of looking forward to a bright future with her baby, Sonal started becoming anxious fearing birth defects, insufficient lactation and improper growth of her unborn child. As anxiety and mental stress are detrimental to the mother’s health and that of the baby, Sonal decided to do something about it.

“Anaemia cannot stop me, nothing can! I handle the day’s tasks and errands effortlessly. Above all, I am a mother to a beautiful baby and I’m enjoying every moment of it.”– Sonal Kumar

Defeating anaemia and giving birth to new life

Eventually, her doctor advised her to switch to an iron supplement with high GI tolerance and no side effects. This particular supplement is carefully formulated with microsomal ferric pyrophosphate particle size of 0.3-0.5 microns, coated with phospholipid, to ensure patients do not experience GI discomfort and other side effects. It also increases the Hb in just 30 days.

Sonal started her new medication prior to delivery and continued it post-delivery. She says, “I continued taking this and now Hb never falls below 11. I am happy with my new medication. Before, during and after pregnancy, I never experienced any side effects.” There are no visible anaemia symptoms in Sonal anymore. She had a smooth C-section delivery and the doctors did not feel the need for a blood transfusion.

Sonal says excitedly, “Now, nothing can stop me, not even anaemia! I handle the day’s tasks and errands without hesitation. Above all, I am a healthy mother to a beautiful baby and I’m enjoying every moment of it.”

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