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A Woman Juggling Home and Work Regains her Hair and Confidence with Affordable Cure

21st Apr, 2022
A Woman Juggling Home and Work Regains her Hair and Confidence with Affordable Cure

When Self-Care Takes a Back Seat

Smitaben Mistry is a homemaker as well as a working woman in Bardoli, Surat. The 43 year-old diligently takes care of her family and juggles household chores with her job, which leaves little time for self-care. Smitaben, like most women, is fond of her hair and considers it as a defining part of her personality. However, the lack of care took a toll on the health of her hair. The bunch of tangled hair on the comb and strands of fallen hair on the ground increased every day and so did her worry. Tired of trying various home remedies and the persistent issue of hair fall disheartened Smitaben. So, she decided to consult her doctor.


Hair Fall: The Silent Enemy

The problem for hair loss affects millions of people across the globe. It is not just a physical or superficial issue, it can have serious socio-psychological implications on an individual’s well-being. Especially, for women, because hair is often considered as the badge of beauty and socially acceptable standards. The abnormal or severe loss of it can hamper the self-esteem and life of the affected person in many ways. Factors such as pollution, climate, stress, pressure, unhealthy lifestyle and inconsistent diet, using wrong type of hair product, cancer and protein deficiency are some of the causes of hair loss and are common among women and men. It is aggregated in women due to reasons such as PCOD, thyroid, menopausal age, pregnancy and use of birth-control pills among others.


The Fall of the Hair Fall

When Smitaben consulted her doctor and expressed concern about her condition, he prescribed Folistrong hair oil. It is made up of an Ayurvedic formula and has powerful natural ingredients such as pomegranate, Indian gooseberry or amla, black sesame seeds, bhringaraj / haridra, jatamansi and several other herbs. Regular use of the Folistrong accompanied with a nutritious diet, which included green leafy vegetables and protein rich food, drastically reduced the rate of hair fall. The doctor also advised her to drink a lot of water, use herbal shampoo and conditioner as well as stay away from chemical-based hair treatments. Within few months the health and shine of Simataben’s hair was restored.

A pleased and relieved Smitaben expressed, “My hair has grown long and strong. Now, I eat well, I look good and I feel nourished. The life of my hair and confidence in my life have returned.”


Cadila is Empowering Women with Affordable Care

Women often ignore their health while fulfilling responsibilities on personal and professional fronts. Helping them take care of themselves can amount to empowerment in its own right. Cadila Pharmaceuticals with its range of innovative products is giving several women like Smitaben self-assurance and power in their own world.