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Fight against Anaemia without the discomforts

23rd Sep, 2019
Fight against Anaemia without the discomforts

Cadila Pharmaceuticals has been fighting Anaemia for more than 30 years, but for anyone facing anaemia, the discomforts of taking supplements is all too evident. Gaurav Sharma of New Product Development shares how Cadila wants to make living with Anaemia easier.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the women are taking the world by a storm. Every industry today is being dominated by the women and they are now making a name for themselves.

This global phenomena is finding its pace even in India. Some of the CEOs of the biggest organizations in India are women and there is no stopping them. In a world where women are the torch bearers of progress, 5 out of 10 Indian pregnant women suffer from Anaemia according to Global Nutrition Report 2017.

Iron is an essential nutritional requirement for pregnant women, children, infants, and young women of child bearing age. Anaemia is the deficiency of iron in the body which gives rise to various diseases and complications during birth. In pregnant women, iron requirement increases due to increase in demand to make more haemoglobin and this extra demand is met with iron supplements.  Food fortification of iron is another method to prevent deficiency but it has a challenge of limited iron bioavailability and often leads to variable outcome. The iron supplements existing in the market is not free of side effects and patients using ferrous sulphate frequently complain of metallic taste, constipation, dark stools, and gastrointestinal disturbances.

Hence we felt the need for a product which offers more compliance and endows a better effectiveness. And Cadila Pharmaceuticals leads in recognising the unmet need of the market

We have recently launched an innovative product “Haem-up Rise” as an extension to our legacy brand “Haem-up”. It is a micronized, highly bioavailable, novel-coated Ferric Pyrophosphate having particle size range of 0.3 – 0.5 μm. This is a highly specialised product where highly micronized iron is encapsulated in a novel phospholipid coating. This micronized iron has a unique method of absorption in intestine and free iron does not come in contact with other cells of the gut. This prevents any of gastrointestinal side effects which frequently occurs in conventional preparations. Studies show that it has about 4x relative absorption compared to ferrous sulphate and about 2x to any of the liposomal iron preparation. This ensures high iron delivery within body and meets the iron deficiency requirements.

Haem-up rise has been tried and tested across different geographies in the world. The product is backed with very strong clinical evidence and there are over 8 publications of clinical studies conducted in Italy, Philippines, UK, Mexico, Switzerland, Japan and India. 30 days of treatment with Haem-up resulted in 1.7 g/dl increase in Hb in pregnant women. The product has received recognition from WHO (World Health Organisation) due to its robust clinical data. WHO has recommended the product in “Guidelines on food fortification with micronutrients”.

Haem-up is an ideal product for Indian environmental conditions as it has fantastic physical parameters and endows pH and temperature resistance properties. Haem-up Rise is a novel product for iron deficiency anaemia and meets nutritional requirements for all ages.

A mother now doesn’t have to chose between herself or her baby. Choose Haemup Rise and give your child a healthy life!

Cadila Pharmaceutical has opened up the possibilities for better outcomes and care with Haem-up rise. We are committed to finding better healthcare solutions and keep providing affordable medicines to all.


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