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Walking through life again – Story of Sanjay’s journey at Kaka-Ba hospital

22nd Oct, 2020
Walking through life again – Story of Sanjay’s journey at Kaka-Ba hospital

For a young man of 24-25, the world is their oyster. Their eyes are full of hope and are willing to work hard, day and night to achieve all their dreams. However, life can often serve you with challenges that you least expect. One such incident was faced by Sanjay Bhai Thakor from Transad village.

Sanjay is a daily wager and earns his bread and butter by working as contract labourer at various places around Dholka. However, one fateful day, he met with a terrible accident. An accident that fractured his hip and dislocation He was in immense amount of pain and this accident rendered him bed ridden.

“My family then took me to a govt. hospital for my treatment. But my first surgery was unsuccessful, leaving me in more pain. When there was no improvement, we went for second consultation in nearby hospitals. Post X-rays, the doctors advised another surgery, but the whole treatment would cost us 3 Lakh Rupees. I was heartbroken as this was something I couldn’t afford. Those were dark days as I was dependent on my family, could not support them financially and instead they would have to take a hefty amount of loan for my treatment. I couldn’t imagine putting my family under such stress. I was left with no option. However, God was kind to me and showed me the way forward.

A friend reached out to Dilip Bhai Chauhan, from Cadila Pharmaceuticals, and explained my situation. He promptly advised me to go to Kaka-Ba hospital in Hansot. We talked to the Sarpanch of the village and he arranged for transportation to the hospital. I had heard about Kaka-Ba helping the people in need at minimal costs. I was now hopeful of a solution out of my misery.

On reaching there, after initial consultation, it was diagnosed that there was heavy infection in the affected and hence it was essential to control the infection first. The doctors there advised me to wait for 1.5 months, and if the condition didn’t improve, a different route would be taken. After one and a half months, my infection came under control. Doctors at Kaka-Ba hospital, then advised me to undergo a surgery. The confidence of Dr Bharat Champaneria, Superintendent at Kaka-Ba hospital, and Surgeons Dr. Kevin Choksi (MS-Ortho- Fellow in Minimally Invasive Hip & Knee Surgery) and Dr. Jay Bhatt, Specialist shoulder and knee surgeon, was soothing and I was determined to give it one more shot. Finally, this time, the surgery was a success! I was advised a 15 day physiotherapy treatment for my recovery. I could see my knee improving with every passing day. When I couldn’t even get out of the bed without help, I was now walking again.

The whole environment at the Kaka-Ba hospital was a great contributor to my recovery. The doctors and nurses was extremely kind and helpful to me. They were constantly keeping a check on my recovery. I was provided with healthy meals which contributed to my fast recovery. The lush green surroundings was definitely an added advantage. And all these facilities were made available to me for no cost at all. I feel extremely fortunate to have had the support of the whole Kaka-Ba hospital including Dr Bharat Champaneria, Team Cadila and the Sarpanch of my village to help me recover.

It was an extremely long and painful journey. However with God’s grace, family’s support and Kaka-Ba team’s expertise, I was able to overcome this. I can now hope to support my family. I can now walk around and am not dependent on anyone anymore.”