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Kaka-Ba Hospital- The Legacy of Care and Empathy of Shri Indravadan Modi

21st Dec, 2020
Kaka-Ba Hospital- The Legacy of Care and Empathy of Shri Indravadan Modi

“I, through this message once again wish to convey and assure you that Kaka-Ba Hospital has been and will continue to serve the needy patients without any discrimination. I have a request to all of you in this regard. If you come to know about the patient who is suffering from any illness and not able to avail treatment on account of financial crisis, please take pain to bring him to the doorstep of Kaka-Ba Hospital, rest will be taken care by our kind doctors and supportive staff! We will offer best medical treatment free of cost. This is our promise and commitment to the humanity!” ~Shri Indravadan Modi on Kaka-Ba Hospital.

Care has a name and the people residing in the Hansot village and remote tribal areas of Bharuch know it as Kaka-Ba and Kala Budh Public Charitable Trust.

Kaka-Ba and Kala Budh Public Charitable Trust is a charitable organization that strongly believes that a dignified life is a basic human right. Since 1985, we have been on a mission to provide quality medical services and implement rural development programmes without compromising on quality. Our most significant initiative is the Kaka-Ba Hospital, a multi-specialty charity hospital, which relentlessly works towards providing free healthcare to the most marginalised population. Over the years, they have branched out support to a host of other causes such as education, rural development and sanitation.

Hansot, a small tribal village in South Gujarat was suffering from poverty and inadequate healthcare. Majority of the population constituted of poor, tribal community who could not afford quality medical treatment. Today, the scenario has changed. Over the span of three and a half decades, Kaka-Ba Hospital has saved thousands of valuable lives. The hospital has become an epicentre of medical well-being and welfare activities for the deprived sections of the community. This started with the vision of one man- Shri Indravadan Ambalal Modi.

Born on February 18, 1926, Shri Indravadan Modi was a man with a vision to make healthcare affordable for all. Ever since his adolescence, Shri Modi was determined to make a difference in the health conditions of the marginalised. His dedication led him to develop one of India’s largest private pharmaceutical companies, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Inception of Kaka-Ba Hospital

His conviction to provide healthcare comes from a personal tragedy he suffered when his cousin, Budh, died of typhoid due to lack of medical facilities in Hansot village, South Gujarat.

“I still remember the day when my cousin Budh, had passed away in front of us for the want of proper medical treatment. That dreaded incident of my life, which occurred in 1943, startles me every time whenever I recall it. From that very day I had wished to establish a medical facility for the people of Hansot and surrounding villages so that other such tragic incidents can be avoided” excerpt from the message by Shri Indravadan Modi on the inception of Kaka-Ba hospital. Despite limited resources, it was his intense sense of generosity and compassion that led him to institute Kaka-Ba Hospital.

Kaka-Ba hospital was developed as an ode to his grandparents (Kaka refers to maternal grandfather and Ba refers to maternal  grandmother) as he was raised by them since his mother passed away when Shri Indravadan Modi was only only 6 months old. Little do people know that before the Kaka-Ba hospital was developed, a survey was carried out in 52 villages of Hansot Taluka, findings of which were eye-opening. Working on those insights, Kaka-Ba hospital was developed drastically improving the healthcare scenario for the villagers.

“Whenever Shri Indravadan Modi used to visit the hospital, he would ask me to leave no stone unturned to make this hospital as efficient as any corporate hospital and use all resources for the benefit of the people. And even today, we carry forward his legacy” shared Dr Bharat Champaneria, the Superintendent and Chief Coordinator of Kaka-Ba hospital.

This hospital now houses more than 40 fulltime/part time/ visiting doctors and surgeons who have offered treatment to over 6 lakh patients at minimal rates. More than 25,000 patients have received free dialysis with pick up and drop facility. What started as a local hospital, patients from all over the country now come for their treatment. Kaka-Ba also organizes various free health camps across Gujarat to provide primary healthcare service to all. Serious cases are then referred to the hospital so that they can get the best of the treatment. Kaka-Ba specializes in plastic surgeries and since 2008, has treated more than 10000 patients for their deformities such as cleft lip, cleft palate, post burns contracture, organ disability correction and reconstruction and ear implant. Over the span of three and a half decades, Kaka-Ba Hospital has saved thousands of valuable lives.

“Shri Indravadan Modi was always calm. For him, human life was very important. He used to care for the people and was always supportive of our initiatives for the betterment of the society.” shared Dr Bharat Champaneria.

Shri Indravadan Modi once said “The Kaka-Ba hospital must keep on helping the needy even after I am gone.” To this day, the Kaka-Ba hospital continues to keep helping the needy and his legacy of empathy and kindness, lives on.