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Enriching The Heart Of India

13th Jan, 2022
Enriching The Heart Of India

Villages are the heart of India’s demography and the backbone of its economy, despite of it, villages in India have constantly struggled for the basic amenities. To add to this struggle, the pandemic brought with it additional challenges related to hygiene, livelihood and above all, survival!

In such a scenario, we at Cadila Pharmaceuticals decided to take action. The company initiated their ‘Model Village Development’ CSR program in order to support and empower the villages of India. Under this initiative, launched on April 1, 2021, Cadila has adopted 15 villages across three states- Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir and Tamil Nadu. These villages will be developed into sustainable model villages.

The objectives of this initiative are to provide basic amenities to the villages, make them self-sufficient, and cultivate a culture of cleanliness and hygiene among the community members. To ensure effective implementation, the program has been divided into separate verticals.

To have maximum impact, we chose six fields to focus on:

Health and Hygiene

Cadila took up a herculean task of improving the overall standard of health, hygiene and quality medical services. For the elimination of anemia, 2700 women were examined and were educated about nutrition. Lives were saved and improved by facilitating 3000 OPD treatments and 300 surgeries at health check-up camps. To enable COVID-19 precautions, 50 sanitization facilities were set up.


Infrastructural support was given to schools by providing additional classrooms, bathrooms, renovation of old structures, etc. to reduce the rate school dropouts, especially among girls. As pandemic deprived students of classroom education and mid-day meals with it, Cadila distributed 27917 essential commodity kits among government primary school students.


Cadila employed locally-applicable employment solutions and organized livelihood training programs in collaboration with the National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) agencies. Nearly, 2150 women were benefited through training on various government schemes related to health, insurance, livelihood and banking. The company also collaborated with SEWA Shakti Kendras and Seva Setu program.

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

If villages are backbone of India’s economy, then agriculture is its core strength. Therefore, Cadila in partnership with Krishi Vigyan Kendra educated 800 farmers on scientific and sustainable agricultural practices as well as cattle care. 4500 cattle were benefitted through the medical camps organized by the company in association with Gujarat government’s Animal Husbandry department.


Villages are dependent on natural resources and it is crucial to maintain their ecological balance. To ensure the preservation of these resources and promote renewable energy, Cadila engaged in the plantation of over one lakh trees and installed solar panels and solar street light.

Village Infrastructure

Making villages infrastructural strong is essential for its economic and cultural contribution. Cadila is working towards providing basic infrastructural solutions by setting up CCTV cameras and community RO plants, making paved roads, renovating dilapidated community buildings and by providing waste collection e-vehicles, 75 dry and wet waste collection public dustbins and 3500 house hold dustbins.


At Cadila, we believe in committed and compassionate care of the marginalized communities. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are focused on making a difference where it matters the most. We are resolute in our commitment towards empowering communities in need under the able leadership of Dr. Rajiv Modi. We are honoured to be able to touch and enrich numerous lives through our ‘Model Village Development’ CSR initiative and our efforts and care continues