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Architect of Aspiring Minds

17th Mar, 2022
Architect of Aspiring Minds
The Synergy between the Educator and Education Institution

Able educators act as catalysts for a bright and assured future of their students. Dr Namrata Bajaj is one such educator and she is backed by an academic institution like Indrashil University (IU), which understands the impact education can create. IU is the knowledge initiative of Cadila Pharmaceuticals and its philanthropic endeavour to give the youth of the nation a chance to pursue better education. IU in Kadi, Mehsana District not only imparts quality education to its enrolled students, but it also provides support to the students of nearby villages through its various CSR initiatives.

Enabler of the Metamorphosis in Students

Dr Namrata Bajaj has over 20 years of experience in the field of education. She is the Professor of English, Head of Communications Dept. in School of Engineering, Head of Student Activity Cell and an integral part of the CSR team at Indrashil University. She closely works with the students and takes active interest in their overall development. When students first come to IU, they are filled with raw talent, but lack direction and skill. Teachers and mentors such as Dr Bajaj carve and transform them into skilled, qualified and confident individuals. She fondly expresses that this “metamorphosis of students” is extremely heartening and humbling.

CSR through education and care

Dr Namrata Bajaj also works on various CSR projects that are undertaken in collaboration with Cadila’s CSR team and Indrashil Kaka-Ba and Kala Budh Public Charitable Trust. They have relentlessly contributed in making lives better for children by creating awareness regarding girl child education and female hygiene, extending support to students in villages and supplying meals to children at their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. She also encourages her students at IU to volunteer in CSR initiatives, so that they can learn empathy, care, to be helpful and become responsible citizens. However, she firmly believes that such kind of community welfare work cannot be accomplished by one person. It requires a dedicated team of well-intentioned and hard-working people. That is the reason she gives much of the credit to her provost – J.S. Yadav and seniors, who provide her the required support and space, as well as her co-workers.


Vision, Mission and Intention

Dr Namrata Bajaj is a woman educator who is devoted towards nurturing capable and competent individuals. However, as per Dr Namrata, “a Guru has no gender.” A teacher is devoid of and above all the limitations of gender, class and religion. She deeply appreciates and values the vision and mission of Indrashil University and is committed to move ahead on that path. IU was established by Cadila Pharma’s CMD, Dr Rajiv I. Modi in memory of his father and Cadila’s Founder-Chairman, Shri Indravadan Modi and his mother, Smt. Shilaben Modi.