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Quality and Affordability continue to remain our focus with the launch of Biosimilars in Orthopaedics

20th Oct, 2020
Quality and Affordability continue to remain our focus with the launch of Biosimilars in Orthopaedics

Osteoporosis – a disorder of the bones, can render one weak and fragile. Even a light fall or small exertion can lead to fractures especially in the areas of wrist, hips or spine. It is estimated that, worldwide, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men above the age of 50 will experience osteoporotic fractures. But before that, we shed some light on the Osteoporosis scenario in India and how quality and affordable biosimilars can help overcome the challenge.

“Osteoporosis, or porous bone, is a disease characterized by low bone mass and structural deterioration of bone tissue, leading to bone fragility and an increased risk of fractures of the hip, spine, and wrist. Men as well as women, both can be affected by osteoporosis. However thanks to the advanced medical technology and development of biosimilars, Osteoporosis can be prevented and treated.

The role of affordable biosmilars in treatment of osteoporosis is increasing and with it the acceptance in the physician and patients community. Biosimilars provide cost-effective alternatives to expensive biologics for the end consumer and with this a huge opportunity to bring down the healthcare burden especially in the developing countries.

The innovative streak of our researchers has led to a range of effective biosimilars which help in management or treatment of chronic diseases and autoimmune disorders. Osteoporosis too can be caused due to unhealthy lifestyle. Some of the preventive measures that our ancestors have always opined are – a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet for a healthy body and mind. The recent pandemic has further forced everyone inside but the following steps are important to prevent osteoporosis.

  • Maintaining a healthy weight is extremely important to prevent yourself from Osteoporosis. People with below normal weight can reduce the bone mass increasing the chances of fracture.
  • Calcium and Vitamin D are important nutrients for good bone health. While calcium strengthens bones, Vitamin D is important for absorption of Calcium in the body. Eating Calcium rich food and getting enough amount of sunlight is necessary to protect oneself from Osteoporosis.
  • The importance of exercising is lost on all of us. Bones are the strongest when they are constantly kept active. Incorporating simple exercises such as walking, climbing stairs, jogging, practicing Yoga, can go a long way to keep you healthy.

Driving Awareness of Biosimilars

We need to continue to develop awareness programs around affordable biosimilars. With more and more players entering the biosimilars market the awareness would start to increase specially in the growing middle class. Indian pharma industry has shown tremendous growth with generics and have made a mark in the globally, this experience would come in handy in biosimilars as well.

In countries like India the burden of healthcare is very high. Indians met more than 62% of their health expenses from their personal savings, compared to this individuals in US spend 13.4%, in UK spend 10% and China spend 54%. This makes it extremely important to focus on affordable biosimilars to help bring down the burden of healthcare.