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Have a Learner’s Heart and a Beginner’s Mind

8th Jul, 2020
Have a Learner’s Heart and a Beginner’s Mind

Ginto Devassykutty, of the batch CYLP 2016, shares his experiences and learning of the past 4 years as he gets ready to lead an international project. Read how he reached where he is today and what role did the CYLP program played in his career growth.

“Imagine a young professional, in the healthcare indsutry, with 4 years of work experience, leading an international project. I have been privileged to be a part of such an opportunity, thanks to Cadila’s Young Leadership Program. This is just a start and there is a long way to go.

The journey wasn’t very easy. I was a part of the first ever Young Leadership Program. Since we were the first batch, there were a lot of creases that needed to be straightened out in the program. But thanks to great mentors, it has been a beautiful ride.

I have completed my M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Guwahati and hence was a part of the engineering department in our Dholka plant. Initially, I was given a chance to work with chairman, Dr Rajiv Modi, on automation of parenteral inspection, labelling and packing area for achieving better GMP and less man power intervention. The learning during this period was unmatched. After 6 months of training, I initially started out in the Herbal production department and was later shifted to manufacturing facilities for Cephalosporin, Rifampicin and Penicillin. I was also a part of a quality circle team named RUDRA where we initiated energy saving and process improvement projects achieving success. Currently I am part of the design team for construction of a manufacturing unit outside India, which is very exciting.

I was introduced to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry through the Young Leaders Program and the experience so far has been enriching. This program has given me immense opportunities to learn from experienced subject matter experts in many cross functional areas. In this time frame, I have developed a holistic view about OSD, Liquid and Injection formulation manufacturing from its conceptualizing to implementation.  However, the best part of this program was to allow us to lead, even if for a small function. Since we were given the opportunity to be in a leadership position, we could finally understand the skills required to lead and where do we need to improve. The program helped me test my self-confidence and my emotional intelligence, two very important skills necessary in a leader.  Since I have a passion for learning, the whole journey has helped me improve business analytical skill, again an important skill for a leader. I also worked with Ernst & Young (EY) consultancy as a change champion for Cadila Pharmaceuticals on the project: effective manpower utilisation by application of LEAN concept. It was a great learning curve for me.

When I see my younger batch-mates in the CYLP program, I feel proud of the kind of exposure they are getting when it comes to healthcare. The immersion exercises they go through help develop leadership skills. They should be further encouraged to take up training programs on concepts such as lean, six sigma, etc. to help them contribute more to business excellence. With more hands-on training, they will be able to contribute more to the healthcare field.

With the graduating students getting ready to jump in the corporate world, I want to share some of my learning from the experiences we had to help them adjust to the new world-

  • Don’t expect the freedom of a college in your professional life. It is a lot more disciplined.
  • Learn to balance your personal and professional life. As much as your career is important, your well-being is too.
  • Along the way, you will find much criticism. Don’t give in to it, instead learn and grow.
  • Never change your job based on money. Focus on opportunities and growth.
  • Never refuse the offer of help. Remember, you are just starting out on your journey. Have a learner’s heart and a beginner’s mind.

The 4 years here has not always been rosy. I had to fight my way to achieve things I wanted, but with great leaders and colleagues, my experiences have been educational. I see myself rising to greater heights, thanks to the encouraging platform I’ve received.”