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Make Your Dreams Real

2nd Sep, 2021
Make Your Dreams Real

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

We all have some dreams about our ideal job, we imagine a good salary, great benefits, great experience, learning and a role in an industry we love, and utilizing skills we call passions. Young leader Paawni Tuteja from the CYLP 2020 batch narrates her experience in her dream job.

Working in the International Pharma Market: A One of a Kind Experience

“I joined Cadila about 10 month ago with a zeal to work and use those fresh blooming ideas straight out of college. Being a graduate in pharmacy with masters in pharmaceutical management from Jamia Hamdard, joining Cadila Young Leadership Program in the international market was like a dream come true.

Working in international market requires associating oneself quite closely with all the different stakeholders starting from your own team at HO to all the country managers and medical representatives to understand deeply about cultural aspects, challenges and providing solution for the same.

While working for secondary market, I understood how the dynamics of Rx, OTC and hospital prescriptions works. I was part of projects to build stronger customer relationships, developing a new website for our Over-The-Counter brands and analysing effectiveness of marketing campaigns helping in creating a stronger equity with the stakeholders.

I still remember my first project where I had to find new opportunities for Myanmar market, which involved a lot of data analysis. Seeing the whole data for the first time was quite overwhelming but happiness does not come from completing an easy task but from the afterglow of satisfaction from achieving a difficult goal.

Creating your own opportunities

I was fortunate enough to get the scope of exploring several new activities. While working on brand Rabeloc I was came up with a new measurement indicator, which helped us run a successful pilot campaign in Mauritius. With the initial success of this campaign, team is excited to take this strategy in other markets to grow the brand.

While executing projects for secondary market, I also got a chance to work for primary markets and learn how both of these are different.

One of such market was Afghanistan wherein we created strategy on how to help build brands and tactics to follow. For the very first time we celebrated World Digestive Health where the Cadila HO connected with the top gastroenterologist in Afghanistan by an amalgam of webinar. This initiative was a huge success and it really boosted my confidence.

Find your call

When all the pieces fit together, combining your passion with your strengths, you can achieve things you never imagined. It is entirely possible to reinvent yourself, even succeed at things you never have done before.

To the future young leaders who would be eager to join such a vibrant and warm organization, I will just say, “Hold the vision and trust the process” and do not forget to live every moment. Remember “Dhundhoge agar toh hi raaste milenge, manzilon ki fitratt hai khud chal kar nahi aati!