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Follow your Heart

20th Jan, 2022
Follow your Heart

How do you recognize an organization with a good work culture? One of the indicators is when the employees get a positive environment to perform better in their respective work domains as well as pursue an interest of their own. Mourieen Simon Rathod (Executive, Admin) is one such employee. Mourieen here shares with us her encouraging experience with Cadila and the story of her success as a celebrated Zumba instructor. 

My association with Cadila

“As a senior Zumba instructor, I have been invited to conduct dance-fitness and Zumba events by major organizations such as ETV, Sandesh, Ahmedabad Mirror, Times of India, Radio One, Radio Mirchi, Nav Gujarat Samay and many more. I have also organized several fitness events for Cadila Pharmaceuticals, and continue to do so till date. Most recently, I was asked to conduct a fun dance-fitness session for the Branded SBU Annual Budget Meet at The Leela, Gandhinagar. My association with Cadila began through these events, and it further strengthened when I joined the organization as an employee in the year 2017. On January 19, 2022, I will be completing five years with it. While my career as a Zumba trainer gives me the freedom to follow my passion, my job at Cadila gives me stability and surety to keep pursuing that freedom.”

From Jhumba to Zumba

“My journey as a Zumba instructor began in 2013 and over the years, I have carved a niche for myself as one of the most sought after Zumba instructors in Gujarat. I have made my passion my profession and have been on top of my game by constantly striving to be the best version of myself and by re-inventing my talent. When I started out in 2013, Zumba was relatively an alien concept in Gujarat. I have been instrumental in making the dance-fitness genre popular in the State and scaling its journey from ‘Jhumba’ to Zumba! With my talent, hard work and perseverance, I have made a name not only for myself, but have given impetus to an entire dance-fitness regime.”

Care Continues…

As an organization we have always stood by our employees to do their best and embraced gifted individuals such as Mourieen Simon Rathod, giving them space to flourish. Cadila continues to care for and nurture a bouquet of talented employees.