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A Journey of a Lifetime

19th Aug, 2021
A Journey of a Lifetime

37 years ago, I walked into Cadila Pharmaceuticals, ready to change the way things are done in the pharma industry. Today, I will walk out of my office for the last time, knowing that without a doubt I have been a part of this change.” With these words, Bankimchandra Bhatt, General Manager – Formulations, retired from his job that had been an integral part of his life for nearly four decades. Bankim bhai, as everyone fondly calls him, shares memories of his long journey at Cadila in a tête-à-tête with the Corporate Communication team.

“Although I had a good opportunity in academia, I chose to join Cadila Pharma with the aim of establishing myself as Drug Research Scientist. Cadila’s mission of providing affordable medical care to the last man in society inspired me to be a part of this organization. I was very excited to join as a Research Scientist in Formulation Development. Today I am happy and satisfied to have experienced an excellent atmosphere during my tenure, which has given me tremendous experience in the industry. In my journey from a Research Scientist to a General Manager, I touched upon almost all areas of Formulation Development, Production, Process Improvement, Contract Manufacturing, Troubleshooting and Documentation. I gave my best years to the company and in return, I received opportunities, challenges and friendships that will remain intact long after I have forgotten the joys of walking into our daily meetings. Excellent support from senior leaders and all departments helped me build a successful career and achieve organizational goals. “

Paving the Road to Change

“My career was challenging and rewarding. I was privileged to be part of the team, which achieved success that we can all be proud of. The most notable of our success stories was the development on fast track of ACILOC which was launched for the first time in India. We studied market requirements and developed new dosage forms for better convenience. I made a visit to the Commissioner at the local FDA in Maharashtra to acquire the loan license within a week’s time to launch our FFS – LVP Dosage Forms.” says Bankim about one of the most successful brands of the company.

He talks about his inspiration, the Founder Chairman, Shri I A Modi who motivated him always. “His belief in me made me take up new projects like introducing License or Contract Manufacturing Activities to cater to huge marketing requirements on a global scale and coordinating exports for timely delivery of products to Russia. I still remember we dispatched about 1000 Million Tablets and 15 Million Ampoules through a chartered Cargo Aircraft to Moscow for the first time in the history of India during those days.”

Impressions He Made

His colleagues remember him as a strong pillar in the organization. Dr. Manjul Joshipura, Senior VP-Innovations and Products says, “Bankim was indeed a big resource for institutional memory for us. He was the most reliable scientist for trouble shooting and technology transfer for all our domestic and international formulations.” Naresh Gajjar, AVP, Supply Chain Management says, “Bankim’s energy and work ethic are some of the many things I love about him. I really appreciate his support and how he always helped me find a path when I was in search of a solution.”

A Journey to Remember

Bankim is thankful to Cadila for the opportunity to fulfill his dreams of bringing healthcare solutions to all. He says, “I felt immensely proud at being able to develop and launch stable patient friendly medicines at an affordable price within the stipulated time and budget. My journey was not a bed of roses, but I could achieve my goals and excel due to my hard work and positive attitude. To all those beginning their career I would say work hard with clarity about your goals with timeline and budget for accomplishment of all projects.”

What’s Ahead

“I am also looking forward to having the time and freedom to pursue my hobbies and interests while attending live music concerts and theatre, while spending time with family and friends and practicing meditation. Imagine the joy of travelling to places like UK and Europe without an agenda, followed by a trip report, leisurely lunches without worrying, you might be sleepy in the afternoon and no more anxious phone calls from our customers. Yes, there are compensations in life’s transitions! Having deep knowledge of medicines, I will continue to work as Health Care councilor, which I had started post my recovery from COVID 19 last. I believe that Cadila will to continue to grow, prosper, and reach to the last man in the society with affordable and quality healthcare.” With this, Bankim Bhatt bids farewell to us.

We wish Bankim bhai a very fulfilling retired life and thank him for his immense contribution to Cadila.