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Kaka-Ba Hospital and Gujarat Police come together to fight COVID-19

20th Mar, 2020 | News
Kaka-Ba Hospital and Gujarat Police come together to fight COVID-19

20 March, 2020: Kaka-Ba hospital in association with Gujarat Police on 20th March, distributed masks to the police officers in Dholka in the wake of COVID-19.

Kaka-Ba hospital, the CSR wing of Cadila Pharmaceuticals arranged for the distribution of masks for the protection of all police officers in Dholka. Since gathering of people is not advisable in the current scenario, along with the masks, an awareness video talking about the virus, how it spreads and the importance of hand washing was sent to the staff through WhatsaApp. While self-quarantine is not possible for the police staff, they were informed about the importance of social distancing and what all steps they can take to protect themselves through infographic pamphlets.

“We salute all these heroes who are out there serving the nation in the time of need. It is our duty to give them the right information and help them in any way we can. With the help of this step we hope to help them serve the country better” Mr. B.V. Suresh, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Cadila Pharmaceuticals.

“During these tough times, it is an honour to serve our country. The masks distributed by Cadila Pharma will definitely help us perform our duty better. The awareness video in Gujarati and pamphlets will act as a great source of information for all our staff and help them keep safe while on field” Nitish Pandey, ASP, Gujarat Police said.

Cadila has always been active in its CSR initiatives. The Kaka-Ba hospital has been conducting multiple free health check-up camps for the people who can’t afford. The patients who require medical attention are then taken to the Kaka-Ba hospital near Ankleshwar where their procedures are done for minimal costs. The CSR team also organized a self-help group amongst the women of Bhat to help them make a livelihood for themselves through embroidery techniques.

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