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Indrashil University hosts DST-Inspire Science Fest

7th Jan, 2020 | News
Indrashil University hosts DST-Inspire Science Fest

3-7 January,  Ahmedabad: In a bid to promote aptitude towards Science and Research among young minds with scientific temperament, and to attract more students towards science, Indrashil University hosted the DST INSPIRE (Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research) Science Fest from January 3 to 7. The Fest saw prominent scientists and experts addressing and inspiring the students.

Around 150 students from Class XI onwards from various schools in north Gujarat witnessed the inauguration of the prestigious Science Fest, which was sponsored by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, on January 3. The Camp witnessed lectures by eminent scientists, academy fellows, Bhatnagar Laureates, and others. The students were selected based on their scores in class 10th exams and recommendation of their principal. The camp invited no registration fees and provided free boarding and lodging to the students. These steps were taken to encourage deserving students to participate in the camp immaterial of their financial conditions.

The program commenced with a welcome address by Indrashil University Provost and noted scientist Dr. JS Yadav, followed by lighting of the traditional lamp and gifting of plant saplings to dignitaries. A short film depicting the journey of Cadila Pharmaceuticals was screened on the occasion.

Delivering the keynote address, Prof Mohan Rao, recipient of the prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology spoke on topics such as Molecular Biology, Biophysics, and Nanotechnology in a lucid manner, and cited simple and day-to-day examples from human life and nature. He also answered questions related to nanotechnology, science, spirituality, and other topics posed by the participating students.

Addressing the second session, Prof Srubabati, an eminent scientist from Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedadad, spoke about Neutrino Physics.

The second half of the inaugural day was devoted to lab practicals in physics, maths, chemistry and biology. Students had fun with experiments observing and understanding nuances of science. Students also participated in Science Stage Show understanding the intricacies and miracles of scientific laws, theorems and hypothesis explained by faculty/mentors of Indrashil University.

On the second day, Prof Rishi Narain Singh, Emeritus Professor of National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad, and Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Science and Technology recipient, advised students and young researchers to continuously learn.

“Learn continuously and update your knowledge. You cannot be a single discipline person – you have to be inter-disciplinary. Ensure that you also acquire general skills and broaden your horizons rather than being an expert in just one field,” Prof Singh said, while also urging them to work in a way that science can be used to tackle real problems.

Indrashil University is an initiative of Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., located in Rajpur, Kadi, Dist. Mehesana, Gujarat. The aim of Indrashil University is to promote education in life sciences and related areas with profound research. We aspire that the impact of our university on society and economy of our country should not only be long-termed but also a sustained one.

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