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Sharing knowledge and insights with employees on Rheumatoid Arthritis

9th Mar, 2020 | News
Sharing knowledge and insights with employees on Rheumatoid Arthritis

February 28, 2020 Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad-based Pharma major Cadila Pharmaceuticals hosted a session on arthritis for its employees in their corporate campus in Bhat.

The session was presided by Dr S. S. Amarnath, one of the most distinguished and recognized practitioners in the orthopaedics discipline of medicine on February 28th. Cadila employees across all age groups made the best out of the opportunity.

The number of people affected by arthritis in India stands at a staggering 180 million, making it one of the most commonly occurred disease alongside diabetes, AIDS and cancer. Arthritis usually starts with back and joint pains followed by swelling and stiffness after long periods of rest. According to doctors, cases of hip and joint pains due to arthritis are on the rise among the young population and females have a higher chance to get affected than males.

In the session, the attendees learnt about Arthritis – its types, causes and symptoms. Dr Amarnath also threw light on the recent development of biological treatment for arthritis.

Post-independence, due to advancement of healthcare, the life expectancy in India has gone up leading to a significant number of ageing population who suffer from joint wear and tear. Along with-it rising obesity and sedentary lifestyle has also pushed up the numbers. Dr Amarnath advocated a healthy lifestyle with regular yoga, nutritious diet and stress-free living as an early precaution against arthritis.

The session was followed by a question and answer round where the employees cleared their doubts about arthritis and how they should ensure the right kind of prevention and cure.

“In our busy lives we often forget to look after our body leading to problems later like arthritis. Since we lead a very luxurious lifestyle, our comforts have taken a priority over physical work which leads to various ailments. With multiple wellness sessions, we want our employees to stay updated about their health and take necessary precautions to lead a healthier, longer life” Dr Sunil Singh, CHRO, Cadila Pharma said.

This session is one of the many organised by the pharma giant in the last one year. There has been a constant focus on employee wellness initiatives under the ‘HappyShift’ initiative. The concept of conducting mental and physical wellbeing sessions was suggested by an employee in ‘Azad Soch’-a platform where employees can suggest ideas regarding the organization.

About Cadila Pharmaceuticals:

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