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Cadila Pharmaceuticals launches biosimilar Rituximab drug Ritucad™

29th Jul, 2020 | News
Cadila Pharmaceuticals launches biosimilar Rituximab drug Ritucad™

Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad-based Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited recently announced the launch of biosimilar Rituximab for Indian market. Biosimilar Rituximab is used for treatment of blood cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, and will be launched under the brand name Ritucad.

Biosimilar products are manufactured from the DNA of living organisms. Biosimilar products are safe and more efficacious compared to conventional treatment medicines.

Ritucad™ is used in the treatment of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (a type of blood-related cancer). Every year there are more than 28,000 new cases of Lymphoma in India. Cadila has been committed towards providing high quality and affordable care for the patients.

Ritucad™ is the second biosimilar in a series of biosimilar products planned by the organization this year and will be made available in a single-dose vial of two strengths, 100 mg and 500mg.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd is working towards strengthening its biosimilar portfolio and is investing into launching more biosimilar products in the future. The pharma giant has recently launched Bevasizumab biosimilar which is a humanized monoclonal antibody, recommended in multiple indications under the brand name Bevaro.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. ( is one of the largest privately-held pharmaceutical companies in India. It has recently concluded and cleared USFDA inspection successfully in February 2020. Over the past six decades, Cadila Pharmaceuticals has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of affordable medicines and in making them available for patients across the world. Its innovation-driven drug discovery processes ensure the health and well-being of people around the world.

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