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Cadila Pharma livens up as employees bond over Navratri celebrations

9th Oct, 2019 | News
Cadila Pharma livens up as employees bond over Navratri celebrations

The pharma major celebrated Navratri every day and organised Garba nights across multiple locations for its employees to mark the festivities.

Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad based Cadila Pharmaceuticals celebrated the nine days of Navratri will full fervour. From Garba nights to colour themed dressing, the pharma major organised a number of programmes for its employees to immerse them in the celebrations.

Each year, Cadila Pharma organizes its own Garba night – Khelaiya. This year, Cadila organized three Garba nights in its different locations inviting employees and their families to be a part of the celebrations.

The Garba dance was preceded by Maha Aarti where all employees prayed to the Goddess. The Maha Aarti was followed by Garba and Raas where everyone showed off their moves and had a gala time. The evenings ended with a grand dinner with the speciality of Gujarati food.

The celebrations were not limited to the Garba nights alone as Cadila also ensured that employees were in festive spirit throughout the nine days of revelry. A colour theme for each of the days was set and all employees dressed up in traditional wear of the colour.

Cadila’s workforce includes people from across the country, and many employees are not fully aware of Navratri’s significance in Gujarat. The pharma major said that a campaign was run for the nine days educating employees about Navratri, and the different forms of the Goddess. The initiative was also used to raise awareness against social ills such as female foeticide, promoting the cause of women empowerment, simple and health life, no discrimination and most important is conserve water and ecological balance.

A ten-day Garba workshop was also organized for the employees at all the locations to help them learn and brush up their Garba skills. A Garba trainer was hired to help the employees learn Garba.

The whole Navratri campaign was a fresh break from their everyday work. They planned their day ahead to be a part of all the activities and also ensured that the work doesn’t suffer.

“Navratri is celebrated with a lot of pomp and enthusiasm. This festival encourages a feeling of community and camaraderie amongst all. People who are colleagues during working hours, become friends in these days. As part of HappyShift we wanted to make sure that Navratri celebrations were grander this year. It’s refreshing to see employees at all levels come together and enjoy. It also helps boost productivity if the employee knows that they are cared for,” said Dr Sunil Singh, CHRO, Cadila Pharmaceuticals.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals recently won multiple awards at TISS LeapVault Summit and awards for its Learning and development initiatives and the ObserveNow Future of Workplace Award for their employee friendly futuristic workplace. Cadila was recently also awarded as the Best Warehouse Workforce Award and WorldStar Packaging Award.

About Cadila Pharmaceuticals:

Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is one of the largest privately held pharmaceutical companies. Over the past six decades, we have been developing and manufacturing affordable medicines for patients around the world. Its innovation-led drug discovery processes ensure the health and well-being of people around the world. Being a care-focused, research-driven company, we are committed to complying with the highest ethical standard in clinical research and medical practice.