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Cadila Pharma announces the launch of FDA registered immunity booster syrup

1st Jul, 2020 | News
Cadila Pharma announces the launch of FDA registered immunity booster syrup

Ahmedabad: Ahmedabad based Cadila Pharmaceuticals launched its immunity booster syrup under the brand name ‘Cadimmune’ by distributing the immunity booster syrup to 150 AYUSH practitioners fighting on the frontline against COVID-19.

AYUSH ministry has released multiple guidelines on the steps that people should take to boost immunity. The company has introduced an immunity booster syrup in an endeavour to promote Cadimmune which can further augment immunity and help in prevention of life-threatening complications in the case of viral infections.

The formulation will be available in syrup form, for adults and for paediatric use, and will help in boosting the immunity. Cadimmune works mainly on digestive fires to produce the mature and good quality Sapt Dhatus.

Processed with advanced modern extraction method to maintain the aromatic principles, Cadimmune majorly contains, Nagarmustha (nut grass), Ushir (Khus), Rakt chandan (sandal wood), Adrak (ginger), Kalmegh, Haritaki, etc.

Alcohol free and preservative free, Cadimmune is packaged in a glass bottle to keep the efficacy intact. It works to produce the potential Ojus which is responsible for immunity and the major contents are digestive (works on dipan–pachan) and sugnadhit drvya (works on appetite). Cadimmune is available in 110 ml and 220 ml packs.

As the country enters into unlock 2.0, it is essential that people take care of their immunity so that they step out with full strength and carry their protection against the pathogen. Cadimmune helps to prevent viral infections such as common cold, recurrent attack of viral or bacterial infections and also acts as an adjuvant therapy in viral infections, allergic rhinitis and dengue.

Cadila Pharma has recently launched a range of sanitizer to promote safety and sanitization across the communities. The organisation also donated thousands of essentials kit, to under privileged families across Trasad, Dholka, Ingoli and Virdi villages.