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Cadila Announces Summer Vacation

11th May, 2019 | News
Cadila Announces Summer Vacation

What’s the best memory we have from our childhood? Most, for sure, would mention the fun times, sunshine, and lemonade they revelled in during their summer breaks from school. As working adults, haven’t the deadlines and stress blotted out the excitement revolving around the summer vacations from our minds?

Discerning the importance of a good work-life balance and the nostalgia surrounding the treasured childhood memories of their employees, Cadila Pharmaceuticals recently declared a four day summer break for its entire staff from May 22 to May 25. The first-of-its-kind break in the pharma industry has been consciously worked around the month of May, considering the summer vacations of employees’ kids.

Long waiting hours at doctors’ chambers, long days of field work, building sales pressure, stock management and more – work stress in the pharmaceutical sector is quite significant. Moreover, the 24×7 plant operations for timely production output do not allow for the pharmaceutical industry staff at production units to get enough time off work. Also, executives who need to often travel out of town for work, sometimes overseas, tend to miss out on celebrating festivals and quality time with loved ones. While many jobs allow for such work holism, Cadila Pharmaceuticals is leading the way by ruling work martyrdom out and giving its employees a well-earned break.

Every drop makes an ocean, likewise every little change in culture will transform an organization for better. Dr Sunil Singh, CHRO Cadila Pharmaceuticals resolved to modify practices at Cadila when he joined it less than a year back. Cadila has always been there but its growth has been flat over the years. When I joined, the mandate given to me was to transform the work culture,” says Dr Singh. So far, Dr Singh has paced his journey consistently transforming one practice after other. Having started with modifying the performance management system and naming it ‘HappyShift’.

According to Expedia Vacation Deprivation Survey 2018, India is the most vacation deprived nation in the world. The survey also states that around 53% Indians take fewer vacation days than they get while 35% avoid taking leaves as work schedule does not allow for vacation. However, every employee, even the most dedicated one, looks forward to a little break from the daily grind and deserves it too. Through this ‘HappyShift’ initiative of a mini vacation, Cadila Pharmaceuticals is setting the precedent of a great work life balance.

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