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Living Tension Free with Hypertension

23rd Jun, 2022
Living Tension Free with Hypertension

Living a Complete Life

Deepak Mukherjee lives a quiet and disciplined life in the mineral-rich district of Koderma, Jharkhand. The 75-year-old former employee of Rourkela Steel Plant (SAIL) in Odisha wakes up early in the morning, goes for a walk, meets his friends in the park, and then returns home to have breakfast. His regular day involves reading books, watching TV, visiting a nearby NGO for volunteer work, listening to music in the evenings, having early dinner, and going early to bed.


Lifelong Tag Along

Deepak’s life was not as disciplined and balanced as it is currently. The young and dynamic Mr. Mukherjee had got on to the habit of smoking cigarettes, which continued for many years. This habit eventually caught up to the wrong side of his health, when he began to experience chest pain, breathlessness, and unusual fatigue.

Many of Deepak’s relatives stay in Kolkata and during one of his visits to the city of joy, he experienced acute chest pain. Deepak got worried as he had a family history of hypertension and cardiac arrest. He immediately consulted a senior doctor at the BM Birla Heart Research Centre in Kolkata. After running multiple tests and doing an overall check-up, the doctor informed Deepak that he indeed had hypertension and needed to be on life-long medication with lifestyle modifications. This triggered a series of concerns in Deepak’s mind about the safety, expenses, and effectiveness of the medication. However, these concerns were put to rest when the doctor prescribed a cost-effective and safe hypertension management medicine. It belonged to a trusted brand, and his family had been using the brand to treat other ailments for over four decades.


Care Continues…

It has been over 23 years since Deepak Mukherjee started using the said medicine. He has not suffered any side effects and it has been effective in his hypertension management. The affordable medicine, which is the first choice for 1st line therapy, has given him the liberty to live life without tension or worry. It has allowed him to be a senior citizen with an active life. In Mr. Mukherjee’s words, “It has worked very well for me. I would recommend it to all my friends and relatives. It efficiently manages my hypertension and tension of spending on expensive treatments.”

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