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Kaka Ba Hospital transforms people’s lives through successful interventions

18th Jan, 2024
Kaka Ba Hospital transforms people’s lives through successful interventions
“Confronting Tumors, Embracing Hope: Together, We Fight.”

42-year-old Meenaben Rajeshbhai Machhi Patel, a widow and mother of two. After months of unbearable stomach pain and no relief from a local clinic, Meenaben turned to Kaka-Ba Hospital on July 3, 2023. Under the care of Dr Jignesh Patel, a Laparoscopic Gastro Surgeon, she was diagnosed with an intestinal cancerous tumor. “I thought I couldn’t overcome this shock, but this operation gave me a new life,” shared a grateful Meenaben after her successful surgery. Another transformative healthcare success story involves 60-year-old Natvarbhai Bhikhabhai Patel, who had been suffering from persistent abdominal pain for years. He underwent surgery at Kaka-Ba Hospital to remove a massive retroperitoneal tumor. The medical team, including Dr Jignesh Patel and Dr Vimal Patel, an Anesthetist, removed a substantial mass weighing approximately 4.2 kg from Natvarbhai’s abdomen, marking a triumph for the rural Gujarat hospital. Parallelly, 73-year-old Raman Bhai Rathod, an embroidery worker from Kim, Surat, faced his health challenges. After a hernia surgery at a private hospital in Bardoli and an appendix issue at another private hospital in Surat, he consulted with Dr Jignesh Patel at Kaka-Ba Hospital on July 7, 2023. Despite the severity of the situation, Dr Patel identified a cancerous tumor in the intestine and performed the surgery, ending Raman Bhai’s years-long agony.

“Tumor Development Breakthrough Unveiled”

Tumors are abnormal cell growths that can be benign or malignant. Benign tumors are harmless, while malignant tumors can spread to other parts of the body. Treatment includes surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, with early detection improving outcomes.

Care Continues…

Kaka-Ba Hospital, Hansot has released case studies that indicate transformative healthcare in rural Gujarat that has resulted in saving lives of patients.