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CSR Trends 2021

20th Jan, 2021
CSR Trends 2021

The pandemic this year has fast-forwarded the need of humankind coming together for the betterment of the society and the world as a whole. Global giving is on the rise – as companies expand their footprint across boundaries, they are increasingly focusing on building scalable, purpose driven cultures that unify their people across geographies. Urmila Joshi, General Manager, CSR talks about CSR in a VUCA world and the importance of having a mindset and agility to think creatively and meaningfully.

CSR Trends 2020

The year 2020 has been challenging for all of us. When the world is facing one of its biggest crisis, the need for organizations to step up and support their communities increases. The biggest trend observed in the year was how people converted challenges into opportunities. Meanwhile, CSR entities as well stepped up to help the local communities. This year, we also saw CSR supporting their employees during the crisis and extending a helping hand to the community. Organizations stood by their employees during the difficult times through various out of the box initiatives such as educational programs, skill development, social welfare and healthcare facilities. The entire year witnessed unimaginable increase in usage of technology.

At Cadila Pharma, our focus was on two important fronts.  First, reaching out the needy communities with essential commodity kits and second, safeguard our employees and stakeholders from Covid-19 infection through effective communication. We believe, we could achieve our best on both the fronts by taking appropriate steps at appropriate time. In addition, our planned CSR initiatives continue to serve the communities and the nation with tertiary healthcare services through our charitable hospital and massive tree plantation drive at community places.

CSR Initiatives in 2021

Post COVID-19, the way forward for CSR for any organization is going to change. While the focus on the core objectives, i.e. working towards the sustainability development goals will remain the same, the approach will be different. The pandemic is here to stay. This will affect how we work at the grass root level. Hence, we as organizations, need to reevaluate our strategy of implementation. As a CSR community, we need to work towards meaningful impact making initiatives keeping the post pandemic impact in mind.

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