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Why our young sales executives are on the road to success

31st Oct, 2019
Why our young sales executives are on the road to success

Pharma industry is an exciting industry, especially when one is in a client facing role. The rush that comes after closing a sale or when you achieve your targets is worth it. However, not everyone is able to deal with the hard work and pressure that comes with the job. The sales force needs to be properly equipped with the knowledge of the industry and how to make the best of their times.

To achieve this, we initiated our Cadila Sales Excellence Program (CSEP) to help the students fresh out of pharmacy college get the right kind of training to perform better in their work life.

Have a look at how our new Cadilians made the best of the opportunity-

The Beginning-

“Well honestly, I was very nervous for my first day. Millions of questions were coursing through my mind about the role and the organization. When we first met the leaders and interacted with them, they were warm and very welcoming. This made me excited about the whole journey” shares Surjit Chahal.

The CSEPians went through a specially designed selection procedure aimed to bring out the best of the candidates amongst the lot. The tests focused on their design thinking, communication and management skills. The candidates who were successful in these evaluations were welcomed to Cadila.

The induction program-

“We took out the time to specially design their induction program as a good on-boarding program ensures a kick start to anyone’s career. First we focused on their soft skills. From communication, presentation to management skills, we provided the necessary training for them to excel in the field. Next, medical sessions were organized where doctors were invited to give them the knowledge required about different therapeutic areas. Lastly, they were made thorough with their brands to eliminate any scope of mistake. Regular tests were conducted to keep a track of their learning and to get a feedback on the areas of improvement.”  Said Shakambri Mohinder, lead of CSEP program.

On the field-

The CSEPians, after a 360 degree induction program, were sent to the field to test their knowledge and to apply their newly learned skills. They were assigned an ABM and they shadowed them for a month to learn the tricks of the trade. The ABM helped them learn the communication strategy, the important points to remember during a doctor visit and the processes to keep in mind.

“The best learning experience that I had was the RCPA field visit where we could understand how the competitor brands were performing and what we can do better. This was our first step into the real world” said Sruthi Tangirala.

Opportunities for the future-

These young professionals are now on an accelerated path to become the next leaders. They are currently handling a portfolio of products individually and are doing an excellent job at it. Their program is so designed so that they can reach the pinnacle of success. Since they have the required pharma background, they are able to understand the marketing campaigns and the products easily leading to faster results.

“There is an immense amount of expectations from us. However this makes the journey more exciting and I look forward to achieving great feat” Prajakta Chintal shared.