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The Essence of Being a Rockstar in Your Workplace

13th Jul, 2019
The Essence of Being a Rockstar in Your Workplace

When the going gets tough, some nuggets to remember to help one tackle even the biggest of the challenges at workplace.

Anyone in the workforce, every day, struggles with millions of challenges. But we have now learnt to deal with them and accept them as a part and parcel of everyday routine. But when the 10-day induction program for the Young Leaders of Cadila came to an end, the new employees were afraid and sceptical about their future. Dr. Sunil Singh, CHRO of Cadila, having decades of experience in the corporate world, shared some of the teachings from his life. These learnings, which can be applied to any employee, are as follows-

  1. Fight for Experiences not positions: Positions are temporary, what stays with you and serve as fuel for long satisfying career is the experiences you gather on the way.
  2. Welcome Non-Linear experiences: They are like cheat codes which can help you jump multiple levels in a game. Welcome them like god sent opportunities to catapult you to next orbit.
  3. Don’t hate people and bosses: What’s important for you is to learn from every one, whether you love them or hate them. Most beautiful learnings will come from the people who you find difficult to deal with.
  4. Be a Curious Child: There is no better way of learning other than asking someone when in doubt. This works even in this google age.
  5. Luck is not a Serendipity: It appears in the lives of those who believe in hard work. There is no alternative even in this age of AI. Unsuccessful people at times blame the lack of luck while successful one’s become humble to give it to luck. And hard work gets overlooked on the way.
  6. Be Humble, Be Brave and Make decisions: Never ever in your life blame anyone else other than yourself for the situations you land in. It’s your life, you live it, and you own it.
  7. Create deeper self-awareness: Strive to reach a level of self-awareness which is so deep that you turn into a perfect mirror. Your ability to read contexts and people will grow in direct proportion to your self-awareness.
  8. Build Friends and Networks: You can’t achieve it alone. Today even Nobel Prizes are given to a group of people.

These nuggets of teachings will definitely help the new entrants shape their careers in the way they want and make the best of the opportunities they get. We wish them All the Best for the exciting journey!