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Living my dream: 38 years of journey in healthcare

23rd Jul, 2020
Living my dream: 38 years of journey in healthcare

In today’s day and age, it’s almost unheard of. I have spent 38 years in Cadila, in healthcare, and it is my home. This is where my heart lies. The organisation has given me a lot and helped me achieve heights which I could have only imagined when I started. It is said, a loyal employee is a company’s biggest asset, but a company that gives you opportunities and supports you through your failures is where every young leader should aspire to be.”

When you talk to Mr. P.K. Rajput you can feel the energy, intrinsic motivation, and a sense of gratitude in his every word. Today, we share the journey of an employee who was not only associated with Cadila for 38 years but has also played an important part in shaping the organization.

Mr. P.K. Rajput, Senior Vice President, shares with us his story of working in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry for the past 38 years.

“I was lucky to join Cadila when it was in its growing phases. From doing field sales to launching divisions and now heading the marketing and sales division of multiple prominent brands, the 38 years that I have spent here, have been great.

I was always very attracted to the field of healthcare. Even though I got admission in an engineering college, after attending college only for 45 days, I got an opportunity to work with Cadila and I couldn’t say no. I started my journey in Gorakhpur and with that, I began my journey of excellence. Within a few months, I was recognized as the ‘All India Star Performer’ and there was no looking back. I went on to achieve all my targets in all locations I was based out of. The 2 secrets of achieving success in all spheres of my life were building my teams and building a strong customer connection. I built such strong connections with my customers that Cadila and P.K. Rajput became synonymous. I was also recognized for my hard-work and soon was awarded as the ‘Best Regional Manager in Lucknow. These recognitions were quite motivating and it was clear to me, that if I have to grow, this organization will give me plenty of those opportunities. My current position is proof of that.

Having worked in Cadila for so long has helped me carve myself into an excellent professional. In this journey, one of my greatest learning would be to never back down from difficult targets or goals. It will only provide you with learning opportunities. Next, always trust in your team. Work with them and help them grow because no one will be able to support you like your team working towards the same goal. Lastly, always align yourself with the goals of the organization. When you are working towards a larger goal, personal growth is inevitable.

In the journey of 38 years, I have been especially proud of some of my achievements. I am proud to have worked in multiple therapies such as diabetology, oncology, cardiovascular diseases, gastro, gynaecology and now handling corporate hospital business. I am proud to have been involved in the launch of insulins for the company in 2005, which is now a major growing brand for the company. I was also responsible for our flagship knowledge exchange conclave iamicon where I helped it grow from 33 cities to 151 cities. These kinds of varied opportunities were only possible in Cadila Pharma.

Lastly, I would like to ask all the younger professionals to stay patient and stay involved with an organization for a longer period of time. Remember, it’s a two-way street. If you are loyal to an organization, it will always reward you in terms of growth and success. Do not seek out for your personal achievements only. Help the organization grow, and you will grow faster than the organization.”

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