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Proud to Have Had a Mentor like Shri Indravadan Ambalal Modi

17th Dec, 2020
Proud to Have Had a Mentor like Shri Indravadan Ambalal Modi

“I joined Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd 22 years ago. You hear scholars talk about great leadership qualities. I have had the privilege of experiencing and learning this from one of the best leaders I have met. They say great leaders adapt to their surrounding environments and empower the team to succeed together, our founder chairman, the Medicine Man of India, Shri Indravadan Ambalal Modi brought these characteristics to life. He truly was a burning example of dedication, authenticity and integrity,” shares Suresh Gupta, President, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Born and raised in the state of Jammu, Gupta started his career in the pharmaceutical industry in 1979. Having worked in pharma companies of national and international repute, in 1998 December, he joined Cadila Pharmaceuticals and since then there has been no looking back. He fondly shares his journey and experience working alongside Shri Indravadan Ambalal Modi.

“My first role was with Herbal Division – a division very close to our Founder Chairman Shri I. A. Modi. Though it was a small division, it never stopped him putting his focus. It was a very enriching experience working with him and observing his keen interest in all the activities. He was very supportive towards employees and believed that it was essential to nurture teamwork to achieve our goals. Since I was new to the system, this positive reaffirmation meant a lot. His simple yet effective ways to recognize good efforts were so encouraging that one would go an extra mile to find to success. It was his belief and continued motivation that helped me succeed in generating and establishing this business on cash payment terms in market, which earned me a lot of appreciation from him.

Great leaders drive an organisation with passion and sustain it through time, by giving a core purpose. This purpose binds an organisation together. It is not only tied to the business but also the community, the company and its people. Leaders possess the will to do whatever is necessary in service of this greater cause. At a time when development of pharma products was seen as the sole preserve of a few foreign giants Shri I. A. Modi was of the firm belief that the Indian pharma industry could be self-reliant, and did not have to be dependent on imports. This led to the establishment of Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd. His mission was always to reach to the masses across country with quality products at affordable prices for the cure of almost all diseases.

His energy was infectious and we were all highly driven to bring about a change in the healthcare landscape. We worked hard to grow our presence and reach more people. He believed that innovation was not only focusing on new medicines but on medicines that could bring relief to everyone around. Shri Indravadan Ambalal Modi, always strongly opposed the idea of having a high selling price for medicines. His vision of promoting scientific innovation and, quality and affordability drive us to this day.

A very valuable lesson he taught us was never to compromise on our business ethics and set a good example in the industry and with our customers. In the end, this will always pay us back. In fact, this is exactly what has happened! Even to this day, we have stuck to the ethics and principles of business set by our Founder Chairman Sir where we prioritize quality over sales volume. However, even after conscious sacrifices, we have been able to grow this business and are amongst the fastest growing pharma organizations!

Shri I. A. Modi set examples by putting his best foot forward and not giving up. He was an excellent communicator. He would always listen to our problems very carefully. I admired how he was able to give very quick decisions , in fact, most of the times on the spot, provided he got convinced of the genuineness of the problem. His knack for marketing and ground level understanding of the market and customer needs was very helpful in getting proper guidance and solution to even most complex problems.

A great leader possess a clear vision, is courageous, and has integrity, honesty, humility and clear focus. It is all about being passionate about what you do, and having confidence in yourself and your followers. More than anything, it is about creating and nurturing other leaders. I am proud to have had a mentor like Shri Indravadan Ambalal Modi who pushed me to strive for the best.