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Cadila Pharma Care Heroes Share the New Learning for the New Normal

2nd Jul, 2020
Cadila Pharma Care Heroes Share the New Learning for the New Normal

It is said that only the brave survive. Even though we are currently facing one of the biggest challenges of the century, we are adapting. As the country opens up, our care heroes are focused on flattening the curve.

The pandemic of COVID-19 has brought our world to a standstill, and yet, we are sure to come out strong from this pandemic with a stronger heart and a will forged in iron. Through our learning and experiencing we are certain of celebrating a victory over the virus. These experiences might are shaping our new normal. By ensuring these we reduce the probability of the spread and remain vigilant. Some of the learnings are –

Digitization – The Way Ahead

Working in an established organization includes collaboration with various functions across. With the rise of COVID-19, when social distancing became the norm, digital connection including online collaboration platforms, virtual meetings and other channels have come out to be the most efficient and effective way to collaborate. We also realized that if one has ambition and intent, nothing can stop them in achieving success. Business growth can be achieved while working from home.

Digital learning has also opened up newer avenues for professionals. Executives who didn’t have time to focus on skill development have now access to various digital learning platforms to make them ready for the future.

Simple lifestyle and Time with Family – A Priority

The pandemic has turned out to be a difficult time for all professionals. However the lockdown and the work-from-homes have proved to be a boon in disguise for all. The travellers, over-achievers and ambitious professionals are now staying at home and where they finally got a chance to re-connect with their family and enjoy the well-deserved break.

This has also brought all of us closer, professionally. Instead of focussing on individuals, we have started focussing on community as a whole making us kinder. We are now open to helping others as the sense of empathy has developed in all of us.

This pandemic has also helped us realize the importance of a simple lifestyle. What we previously deemed important such as theatres, restaurants, shopping malls, we realized that it takes very little to stay happy and contended. This pandemic has made us realize the importance of a happy family life.

Hygiene, Exercise, Balanced Diet – The Key to Happiness

This is an important learning for everyone who didn’t make their health a priority. The need of the hour is to keep practicing hygiene practices and improve on one’s immunity. Practicing basic exercises such as Yoga or meditation, maintaining a healthy diet and focussing on health and happiness is the only way one can beat this virus. Various initiatives such as digital payments and social distancing has enabled us to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. It is now onto us to follow these practices and stay healthy.

The pandemic might have thrown challenges at us that we couldn’t predict, but it has also provided us with immense learning opportunities. While the future might be unsure, we sure are adapting to the new normal and finding joy in the smallest of things.

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