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A Safe Infrastructure Makes an Employee’s Experience Richer

17th Feb, 2020
A Safe Infrastructure Makes an Employee’s Experience Richer

At 25 kilometers from the city our campus is nothing short of a getaway. As you enter the campus you see lush green gardens, a red brick campus, ducks swimming in the lake and squirrels eating out of the hands of the employees. This makes for a great example of an organization existing in harmony with nature and developing a holistic experience for its employees. Needless to say, safety plays a huge role in making this work.

Ensuring employee’s safety is not a job for an individual. It requires the efforts of a whole team with cooperation from other stakeholders. Primarily from the employees. When a campus is far away from the city, safety becomes an even bigger challenge. Cadila, with its large corporate campus, makes sure that every step is taken to not compromise on any safety factors. Mr Sekar Manickam, Group HOD, Security and Administration, talks about 4 security issues a corporate campus might face and how Cadila solves them.

Personal Safety

“As employees are the biggest asset of any company, their safety is of utmost priority to any organization. The key here is to keep everyone clearly informed of the dos and don’ts. If the stakeholders are made aware of safety hazards and the steps taken to eliminate them, instead of enforcing the rules, they will be open to complying with them.

In Cadila, we take care of the following points to minimize accidents-

  1. The campus is a vehicle free campus. To avoid accidents, vehicles inside the parking lot have to maintain a speed limit of 5km/hr.
  2. An ambulance and a doctor is available on the campus at all times.
  3. All of the staircases are marked with yellow strips to avoid injuries.
  4. Regular mock drills are conducted to prepare the employees in case of any emergencies.
  5. Our campus is also proud to house a swimming pool and a gymnasium for the benefit of the health of all employees. However, to ensure no accidents occur on the premises, everyone is advised to follow the rules while using the facilities.”

Health Hazard

“Any green campus is prone to different health hazards. While being this close to nature builds a more sustainable ecosystem, extra care is required to maintain the campus in a way that it doesn’t pose a threat to the employee’s health.

In Cadila, to avoid any contamination, proper collection and disposal of garbage is ensured. Water filters are cleaned regularly. To curb the breeding of mosquitoes, water bodies and the green areas are maintained and trimmed regularly, various pest control exercises, fumigation and fogging are carried out. We also send out regular communication to our employees on how they should take care of themselves from water and air borne diseases especially during monsoons. We also have a strict no-tolerance policy for consumption of tobacco and alcohol inside the campus.”

Travel Safety

“There is a possible risk for employees while travelling to and fro from their place of work. Just providing a mode of transport is not the solution. Additional steps have to be taken for complete travel safety.

Cadila provides the facility of bus service to all its employees for their safety. Every bus has two designated employees to ensure the rules are being followed.

Special transport for ladies is also available if they are working late. This shuttle service drops them to their homes. A security guard accompanies the travellers to avoid any unforeseen incidents.

If any female employee is travelling late, they can inform the security office about their mode of transport and give the vehicle and driver details for a safety check.”

Damage to property or people

“Damage to property or threat to employees is always a concern for large organizations especially when they are situated away from the city. Cadila is prone to the same threat and extra security measures are taken to not compromise anywhere.

Our campus is protected by a wall complete with barbed wires to prevent any forceful entry. Security personnel are deployed at all the entry points at all times.

We encourage the employees to carry their identity cards with them at all times to keep a check on the entry of any unauthorized person in the campus.”

“A conducive work environment is a major contributor to an employee’s productivity. Our security department and the admin team is always on their toes to ensure that the growth chart of Cadila always goes up.” Mr. Sekar concludes.